Ha-darakh Natzaram

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WARNING! This article is going to be really tough. It is not written out of...

Hook In Your Mouth, 120 Questions for the Clergy

If you think that all teachers or even your friends are the same or that you all believe the same things, think again. I’m going to give you some insights that you need to be aware of and a comprehensive list that you should go over, at least verbally, to find out if the person that is leading your group knows what he is doing.

No Law = No Sin

Christianity teaches that the “Law” has been done away with and that Christians do not have to keep the commandments because that is part of the law. If anyone tries to keep the commandments, according to Christian doctrine, then that act causes that person to lose his salvation because they are trusting in their own works, keeping the commandments, in order to save themselves. According to them, that person is trying to be legalistic. Of course no one wants to be legalistic. But with that logic, the Church, is would be il-legalistic. Now, I am not talking about the Catholic 10 commandments! Many people follow those and many people are not aware that there is a difference and that is amazing to me. Compare the differences between the two sets below.

Who is your God?

This is the reason that I am vocal about all of this. Right now, today, there are millions of people who are being called out by the Spirit of YHWH to get out of Christianity and the preachers, teachers, ministers and Rabbis and their friends and families have placed shackles on them and few of them have any clue how to get free. Many, many of these people sense it deep down inside, they know it because they know that something is wrong in the Christian system but they just can’t quite figure it out.